It is an established fact that the application of strict safety procedures is the only panacea to accident, injury to staff, loss of man-hours, risk to health or death.Our company in realization of the above dangers initiated and has continuously upheld the highest degree of commitment to safe working measures by staff and other persons dealing with us.

In order to achieve our goal DANELEC LIMITED management shall continue to accept both its legal and moral obligation towards its work force by creating a safe, secured and a healthy working environment as well as l defining accident prevention measures and training for all employees and the enviroment


DANELEC LIMITED is an electrical/electronics engineerinng and construction firms known for her esteemed quality adherence and of a great repute. Danelec places high regard o her services; ensuring a complete standard, Quality Management, Health Risks and Hazards on any services rendered. Her quality standards incorporate safety maintenance, friendliness and sincereity in all services rendered.



We are poised to continously improving our process putting into consideration our client wishes and satisfying all requirements.


We ensure that activites are carefully carried out to ensure we meet the relevent client specification guided by our quality control method
We have defined strategic plans developed from process deteremination. The processes used in execution of client's request are planned as in our respective quality documentations. Planned activites are carefully carried out to ensure that we meet the relevant client's specifications guided by our quality control method. The Quality Management System is designed and implemented in a manner that guaranty the intergrity of our Quality Management System whenever planned changes to it are implemented.



Health Safety & Evironment

DANELEC LIMITED believes that good HSE performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. We will there fore be guided by the following principles:

  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people.

  • Monitor the health of all employees on regular basis.

  • Use materials and energy efficently to provide our services

  • Strive to minimize the impact of activities on the environment.

  • Manage HSE matter as any other critical bussiness activity

  • Be a frontier in providing best practice in ouur sector.

  • Promote a culture in which all employees share this commitment.

  This way we targe a HSE Performance that is enviable, that will earn the confidence of our client and society at large, to be a go neighbor and contribute to sustanable development.      


We operate a healthy workplace with no health incidents and improve the health awareness of its employees. To achieve this goal we embark on these strategies:
  • Pre –employment medical examination to determine fitness for employment.
  • Fitness certification will be issued and revalidated annually.
  • Reduction of exposure to hazardous substances, noise, vibration, chemical handling, and manual lifting.
  • Prevention of malaria and other diseases.
  • Construction material and equipment shall be appraised to control health risks. Those proven or known to be injurious to health shall be discarded or minimized with use of the MSDS control.
  • Work site supervision will be very intensive especially in the area of controlling hazards and their effects.
We will provide a qualified nurse OR First Aider at the work site with adequately stocked first aid box. Maintain a retainer clinic where referrals are done or seek medical assistance from clients medical centre.
There will be no use or possession of intoxicants or illicit drugs by any person on any of the project work sites. Persons found to be in possession or under the influence of such substances shall be terminated from the job.



Our aims is to ensure that risk to personnel and equipment involved in the execution of the contract are identified, assessed and controlled to ALARP and that recovery measures are in place if otherwise. A system of incidents and accidents reporting will be implemented.

Pre a- mobilization inspection shall be carried out on all equipment including hand tools to be deployed for the contract.

We will adhere to company’s journey management procedure that will include testing and selection of drivers, route mapping to facilitate planning and tracking of crew movement, training on defensive driving course and daily journey hazard analysis




Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not properly collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and disposed off in an environmentally safe manner as not to cause injury/impact negatively on plants, animals and the environment.
The environmental impact of each activity shall be routinely monitored and controlled and corrective action taken as necessary.

All practical measures will be taken to minimize the generation of waste and to manage and dispose of unavoidable waste in an environmentally acceptable.
Construction wastes will be managed by segregating them in properly classified bins.
All chemicals shall be transported, stored used and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. All chemicals will be accepted from a supplier with the appropriate MSDS
In all proper precaution shall be taken to avoid pollution to air, land or water.
Dumping of waste into creek, rivers and swamps are not allowed.

DANELEC LIMITED shall comply with the Nigerian environment protection laws and regulation, maintains precautions to avoid the discharge of pollute in the air, land or water. It shall dispose its waste of any kind in appropriate and in an approved manner. In cases of pollution reports immediately to the project engineer.


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